We celebrate our 143rd Anniversary (01 July 1871 – 01 July 2014) by delivering to the world our all-new website! Information, photos, details on our pianos and much more are to be found in this user-friendly webpage. Enjoy the surf!

07Aug 2014

In the lovely public library of Genk, Belgium [Bibliotheek Genk] the visitor will come across a Perzina “GP-187 Royal” grand piano! The piano stands on the ground floor and occupies 2.8m² of this magnificent building’s total area of 7000 sq. meters! Located in the town center, at the town square, Genk’s new library building (finished in 2008) is part of a great urban renovation plan. Its central location shows the important role of a public library in the cultural life of the town and the Perzina grand piano helps deliver this message in a beautiful and harmonious way!

The piano has found its place within the library of Genk thanks to the efforts and energy of Perzina’s representatives in the country, “BOL & Orchestra piano’s & vleugels” (Hasselt, BE). Now, everyone can enjoy making music on the nice and well balanced keyboard of the Perzina grand and listen to its warm sound. After all, as we say at Perzina, “everyone is an artist”!  The finalists of the Belgian “The Voice” and the students of the near-by Music School know this more than anyone.

03Jul 2014

The capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, will soon welcome ten pianos in its streets, parks and squares under the international artwork of British Artist Luke Jerram, Play Me, I’m Yours!

And guess what! All ten of Nicosia’s pianos will be brand-new, Perzina uprights which are already on their way. Perzina is proud to be the piano of choice for this incredible event, organised in Cyprus by the country’s Ministry of Education & Culture together with Avantgarde Cultural Foundation. More on this project can be retrieved by visiting Nicosia’s website on the artwork’s main webpage, or ours! You may also follow everything and interact with the organisers through Facebook!

26Jun 2014

A night at the Museum!


We have all enjoyed Ben Stiller as night security guard at the American Museum of Natural History and The Smithsonian, where all animals and exhibits on display came to life.

Now, it’s Perzina’s turn to spend a night at the Museum and bring to life the artifacts through music!

European University Cyprus in co-operation with Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, Hull Univesrity and the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, organize a unique musical and cultural event within the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, in Nicosia.

Music students from different European countries will meet in Cyprus and they will spend a whole week in the Museum. There will be lectures and workshops and at the end of the week, the students will compose their own music, based on what they see in the Museum and how they capture culture and history, and present it to an audience, inside the Museum!

It’s a wonderful and highly original project and Perzina has been chosen to be the project’s piano. The “GP-188 ROYAL” will make its way in July 2014 to the Cyprus Archaeological Museum of Nicosia and reside (for a night) next to the Aphrodite of Cyprus!

The museum was founded in 1888 and houses archaeological treasures of Cyprus with 14 galleries of original art pieces from the Neolithic 9th millennium BC to the Byzantine periods.

21Jun 2014

Whether it’s the USA (Anaheim, California), Germany (Frankfurt) or China (Shanghai), Perzina is always present in all major music exhibitions of the world.

We enjoy coming into direct contact with people from all aspects of the piano trade (dealers, technicians, movers etc.) and we just love seeing all of those piano professionals and enthusiasts who want to meet with us!

This year, Perzina will once again be present at the upcoming “Music China 2014 Exhibition” in Shanghai (8-11 October) with the complete line of the PERZINA and G. STEINBERG pianos. Should your travels include Shanghai in October, we would love to see you. Come by for a warm Perzina welcome, a fresh cup of coffee and plenty of wonderful pianos to play on and enjoy!

21Jun 2014

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20Jun 2014

Our all-new website!


We celebrate our 143rd Anniversary (01 July 1871 – 01 July 2014) by delivering to the world our all-new website! Information, photos, details on our pianos and much more are to be found in this user-friendly webpage. Enjoy the surf!