Philosophy & Values

At the core of our company’s philosophy and values is a simple concept: follow the guidelines of Julius and Albert Perzina “to build a piano with an outstanding sound, beautiful design and the ability to offer pleasure for generations to come; all at an affordable price”!

In order to be successful in this quest, we…

2B i - Philosophy COMMITMENT

Our pianists’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance. And when we say “pianist”, the definition of the word according to Perzina is “the person who uses our pianos, regardless of age, musical knowledge or purpose”! In other words, if you have a six-year-old at home who just started taking piano lessons, if you are a renowned classical pianist who performs on the world stage professionally or if you are a retired worker who plays to the community church for the local choir on a voluntary basis makes no difference to us. In our eyes, all three are pianists and deserve the very best; and we do not rest until we provide them with nothing less than the best.

The focus on our customers is an ongoing process which will never end. From the initial design of the piano to its final production, our customers are constantly part of the process since what drives our motivation and inspiration is the enjoyment our pianists take when they come in contact with our pianos. Our aim is to help each and every one of our customers realize their full potential. What is important to them is of vital importance to us!

2B ii - Philosophy ENVIRONMENT

We are a company fully committed to the environment and as such, we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. Wood, metal, felt, glue, lacquer and much more, travel from around the world to our production facilities for the manufacturing of our pianos. However, our respect for the environment is enormous and we strive to protect the planet and deliver a better world to our children. We are as concerned about the threats posed by climatic change, pollution, and other issues of similar nature as any global citizen and we constantly work towards reducing our impact on the environment and protecting the forests, the rivers, the flora and fauna the world over.

Perzina has adopted a series of green practices as part of our mission to respect the planet. Different and diverse actions are being implemented; from educating our employees on how to reduce their environmental impact to supporting reforestation projects and from increasing awareness in local and international communities to carefully selecting the materials we, ourselves, use in our pianos.

As a globally renowned piano manufacturing firm, we believe we have a responsibility to demonstrate just how a business can excel but at the same time respect the environment and all of the life forms on the planet. The fact of course that our pianos are hand-crafted instruments, in much the same way as Julius and Albert Perzina did over 140 years ago, is a major contribution to energy saving!

2B iii - Philosophy DEVELOP

The griffin, after all, is an important part of our company’s history (see: Coat of Arms) and we must not forget that it stands for, and symbolizes, eternal change! Our rich and successful past should be our driving force for the future and not an obstacle on our way towards further improvement.

We respect our past and we take each and every step forward with one eye constantly focusing on our history and our company’s great achievements. However, another eye is turned to the future and looks at the new challenges that unfold before us. Only when the two (past and future) are well balanced, like the perfect yin and yang, we can be certain of a successful outcome.

Great companies have perished as they failed to adapt to new practices while others have had similar fate only because they turned their back to their history to chase the unknown! At Perzina, we respect and learn from our past; yet we set sails (or should we better say “ride the griffin”) to shape the future and continue delivering a piano that will offer maximum pleasure to all that come in touch with it.