2C - Factory

Nothing more than a large workshop! This is what the Perzina brothers had back in July of 1871 when they first started with their piano production. That, and a dozen men (highly trained and very knowledgeable of course) who believed in their cause and set out to build wonderful, hand-crafted pianos.

Today’s “Gebrüder Perzina Hof-Pianoforte-Fabrikanten” is a large piano manufactory with over 33,000m² of buildings that accommodate all stages of production; from framework to soundboards and from action building to cabinetry. It is situated in the city of Yantai, a robust economic center and Shandong province’s largest seaport. Yantai is a popular summer retreat with nice weather and extensive coastline, famous for its apples and the country’s biggest and oldest winery. With a population of over 6.5 million, Yantai is (since 2003) the host of Perzina pianos’ manufacturing plant, after Schwerin and Lenzen (Germany).

In this piano-friendly facility, 300 expert craftsmen work methodically to produce the hand-built instruments we deliver to the world.