In the lovely public library of Genk, Belgium [Bibliotheek Genk] the visitor will come across a Perzina “GP-187 Royal” grand piano! The piano stands on the ground floor and occupies 2.8m² of this magnificent building’s total area of 7000 sq. meters! Located in the town center, at the town square, Genk’s new library building (finished in 2008) is part of a great urban renovation plan. Its central location shows the important role of a public library in the cultural life of the town and the Perzina grand piano helps deliver this message in a beautiful and harmonious way!

The piano has found its place within the library of Genk thanks to the efforts and energy of Perzina’s representatives in the country, “BOL & Orchestra piano’s & vleugels” (Hasselt, BE). Now, everyone can enjoy making music on the nice and well balanced keyboard of the Perzina grand and listen to its warm sound. After all, as we say at Perzina, “everyone is an artist”!  The finalists of the Belgian “The Voice” and the students of the near-by Music School know this more than anyone.