We have all enjoyed Ben Stiller as night security guard at the American Museum of Natural History and The Smithsonian, where all animals and exhibits on display came to life.

Now, it’s Perzina’s turn to spend a night at the Museum and bring to life the artifacts through music!

European University Cyprus in co-operation with Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag, Hull Univesrity and the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, organize a unique musical and cultural event within the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, in Nicosia.

Music students from different European countries will meet in Cyprus and they will spend a whole week in the Museum. There will be lectures and workshops and at the end of the week, the students will compose their own music, based on what they see in the Museum and how they capture culture and history, and present it to an audience, inside the Museum!

It’s a wonderful and highly original project and Perzina has been chosen to be the project’s piano. The “GP-188 ROYAL” will make its way in July 2014 to the Cyprus Archaeological Museum of Nicosia and reside (for a night) next to the Aphrodite of Cyprus!

The museum was founded in 1888 and houses archaeological treasures of Cyprus with 14 galleries of original art pieces from the Neolithic 9th millennium BC to the Byzantine periods.