10-piano Concert

Perzina World - 10piano concert

In September of 2005, Avantgarde Cultural Foundation of Cyprus, a non-profitable cultural foundation under the Honorary Presidency of the country’s First Lady and the Patronage of renowned pianist-conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy, organized in Nicosia a unique “Concert for 10 Pianos and Orchestra” within the framework of the “Kypria 2005 International Festival”.

Ten professional pianists met together on stage for the first time, to perform the work “Medieval Cyprus” of talented composer Savvas Savva with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Maciej Zoltowski. The Foundation wanted to secure that all pianos would sound identical and produce the same – outstanding – sound, as the concert was to be televised Live and recorded for further promotion of the Foundation itself, but even more  importantly, of the hospitable Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The Perzina “188 Royal” became the obvious choice and soon, ten new Perzina grand pianos were shipped to the island for this exciting project.

Only moments after the announcement of the project all tickets disappeared and the organizers were left with no other option than to add one more concert as the crowds were queuing in front of the box office in hope that they could secure a seat for this unprecedented event.

Ten gifted pianists, an imaginative composer, a beautiful orchestra in the hands of a competent conductor and ten Perzina grands offered the people of Cyprus a memorable event in two magical evenings. The greatest moment however, was yet to come. Following the two concerts, Avantgarde Cultural Foundation donated all Perzina grand pianos to an equal number of public schools from around the country. A living legacy of a “job well done”!